Sammy Sosa Still Signing; Rangers Not Thrilled

We’re thinking it’s sort of like getting Lazarus’ autograph. The hounds are out at the Texas Rangers’ spring training camp with the Sosa spillover affecting workouts.

He’s just another guy trying to make the team now, but Sammy Sosa still carries some star appeal for fans.

Sosa has been signing tons of autographs at the Rangers’ training camp in Surprise, Arizona. But according to the club’s website, manager Ron Washington is starting to get concerned about the large number of autograph seekers who have been drawn to camp by Sosa. Said Washington, "I’ve seen them all over Michael Young, all over [Mark Teixeira] and all over Kenny Lofton. I understand why the fans are out here, but they have to understand we have work to do, too."

The Rangers may rope off more areas in an effort to control extra fans coming out to watch Sosa and trying to snare his signature as he moves between practice fields.