Saints Fans Swamp Post Office

Commemorative Super Bowl envelopes were selling better than gumbo in New Orleans.

How excited are Saints fans that after 43 seasons their team is finally in the Super Bowl?

Excited enough to get up long before dawn and stand in line at the post office to buy…a commemorative Super Bowl envelope.

New Orleans went ga-ga over the business-sized collectors items, with hundreds turning out at the larger branches to get their hands on them.

Anything Saints has become like gold on the bayou, with players mobbed for autographs during late-season appearances and football cards selling like hotcakes.

If you can manage to buy some, you can probably sell them to a Saints fan on eBay since many had to put their names on a waiting list in hopes that the post office can get them shipped in before the weekend.

At less than $5, the envelopes were within reach of many fans and collectors, which helps explain the crowds that WLW-TV discovered Thursday morning, when they filed this report.