Ruth Rookie Card, Fake Packs, NFL Auction…or Not

Editor’s Blog

Memory Lane’s I Own it Now sale kicked off Wednesday afternoon and one of the big fish has already found a new home.  The 1916 Babe Ruth Sporting News rookie card (PSA 6) was purchased for $100,000.  No sale yet on the PSA 2 graded T206 Honus Wagner, offered at $850,000.

A 1932 American Caramel Ty Cobb card is gone ($11,500) as well as an SGC 88 1953 Topps Willie Mays ($10,495) and Billy Sims’ 1978 Heisman Trophy ring is headed for someone else’s finger after a trigger puller bought it for $18,500.  Check on the progress at


Steve Hart, PSA’s pack grader/authenticator spent some time at the company’s headquarters recently, going over some submissions and reported that a massive number of the pre-1975 packs he looked at were either re-sealed or home made.  Read about his experiences here…and how there appears to be no recession in the unopened market.  Sell a cool product, be aggressive and offer good service and you, too, will stay busy.

Speaking of packs, we promised to show off a few more cool, old vintage packs and boxes courtesy of a collector who sent some of them over.

That beauty on the left is a full box of 1957 Topps packs.

We’re going to have a really interesting article on 1970s football cello packs from a new contributor early next week.  I never get tired of looking at, learning about or writing about old packs.


NFL Auctions has begun putting up some of the pink-colored game worn items from this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness games.  Gloves, caps and shoes are among the first items on the block.  A pair of Vernon Davis’ pink gloves are already at $255.

Not all of the colorful 9/11 items used in games on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks last month wound up on the NFL’s block.  J.O. Sports got some of them and has begun putting them up for sale.