Autograph Only Product Yields Ruth

Would people buy a product, packaged like baseball cards but carrying only autographs?  Apparently the answer is yes.

Historic Autographs, a company formed by some hobby veterans last year, takes PSA-DNA encapsulated autographs–cuts and postcards–puts them in packages of three, wraps them up in card-like boxes and puts them in hobby shops.   The PSA DNA holders carry the Historic Autographs company name on the flip.

Babe Ruth autographThe company has launched three different lines already, Hall of Fame, In Memory Of and Legends of the Hall.

Both sports and historic figures are included.

Each product is limited to around 400 cases with eight boxes per case.  With three autos per box, that means you’re getting 24 autographs per case.

Boxes have been selling in the $135-140 range–around $45 per autograph.  Whether you get your money’s worth or not depends, of course, on which autographs are inside.

Several dozen autographs pulled from boxes are on eBay.  You can click here to get a look at what price level they’re being offered.

Charlie Keller autographThe company has packed some big names alongside the lesser lights.  Babe Ruth autographs are the big prize, but names like Gehrig, Cobb, Mantle and other deceased Hall of Famers are also hiding inside.

One Maryland collector recently pulled one of those big names out of a box and no longer has to hide from his wife according to Silver Spring Patch, the AOL-sponsored local news web site there.