Royals Ponder Selling ‘The Crown’

For almost 35 years it sat atop the scoreboard at Royals Stadium (now Kauffman Stadium). Now, it’s just lying in a big heap and Kansas City’s ownership is toying with the idea of cutting it up for memorabilia.

"Crown memorabilia cards" anyone?

Recent seasons haven’t been kind but during the late 70s and early 80s, the Kansas City Royals were one of baseball’s model franchises.

Who doesn’t remember the big gold crown atop the scoreboard and the fountains flowing beyond the outfield fence?

Now, with the club set to renovate the ballpark next season, the old crown is down–as in on the ground—in pieces. The team has it all sitting on a hillside behind the stadium while it decides what to do with the outdated relic. Only two large pieces will be kept, according to the team. They’re scheduled to go into the new Royals’ Hall of Fame.

The old crown, vintage 1973, won’t go with the splashy new scoreboard once the renovation is done so now the team is building a new crown and considering the possibility of cutting up the unused portions of the old one. One possible scenario has the team selling them as pieces of stadium memorabilia, attached to commemorative plaques.

The team is still studying the concept according to Bob Rice, the Royals’ vice president of ballpark operations and development.