Rose Still Signing; Fans Still Coming

The lack of a Hall of Fame plaque still hasn’t kept Pete Rose from doing a fair buisness just being Pete Rose.

It’s been 20 years since he took off a Major League uniform for the last time and took his licks for gambling on the game.

Ages since since the ugly tax evasion issue.

Even a couple of years since the infamous "I Bet on Baseball" autographed baseball story hit the national media.

Pete Rose survived all of that. Never hid from it. Still doesn’t.

Like his style or loathe it, he’s still a symbol of old school baseball for a lot of fans and collectors who stumble across him signing autographs in a Las Vegas mall more days than not.

They’re happy to plunk down some cash for an autograph and even some conversation, which is usually the most interesting part of the deal. Rose is still not shy about expressing himself, according to a story in the Las Vegas Sun.