Rose Still on Signing Circuit

He’s 71 now, but Pete Rose is still hustling.   The all-time hits leader has a regular autograph gig in Las Vegas but he still travels to card shows and appearances coast-to-coast.

Considering what he accomplished on the diamond from the 1960s through most of the 80s, his signature isn’t expensive.  Part of the reason is that he’s been among the most prolific signers since Bob Feller–maybe more so.  He signed stacks of trading cards for Leaf’s recent Rose-themed card issue, so many they were packed one to a box, even at the retail level.

Still, there are fans who want something signed.

Over the weekend, he took the short flight from his Las Vegas home to Phoenix, where he signed at a seasonal memorabilia shop.

Mike Sakal was there to chronicle the Rose experience for the East Valley Tribune.