Rose Bowl Turf to be Packaged, Sold

The guys who brought you the Yankee Stadium sod sale are back.

The Rose Bowl playing surface that had been in place for the Ohio State-Oregon game on New Year’s Day has been dug up and replaced for this week’s BCS National Championship Game. Hours after that one ends, they’ll tear up the turf again…this time as a business venture.

The new turf will cost $150,000 but selling it could help solve some problems for the folks who run the stadium. They’re hoping to renovate the legendary facility but have been having trouble coming up with ways to raise the cash. Now, one idea could be a big boost…and it won’t cost them much of anything.

Stadium Associates, formed to sell little sections of grass from the old Yankee Stadium, has worked a deal with the Rose Bowl Operating Company to market the sod from Alabama’s duel with Texas on Thursday night.

They’re banking on rabid fans of the winning team to decide they’d like their own piece of Pasadena.

“This is a first-time effort,” said Darryl Dunn, the Rose Bowl general manager. “If we exceed $100,000, we’d be very happy.”

The Austin American-Statesman spills the beans on the plan.