Rodgers’ Rookie Soars; Topps Marquee Sneak Peek; Game Used Jerseys, Bats Hot

2005 Ultimate Rodgers autographHe’s hot…and will probably get even hotter as the 2011 season moves forward.   Aaron Rodgers is now six years removed from his rookie card season and collectors are driving prices upward.  Rodgers famously dropped down the draft board after leaving Cal, with Alex Smith being drafted at the top of the first round instead.  Their fortunes, however, flip-flopped.  Rodgers took over for Brett Favre and blossomed into a Super Bowl champ.  Smith struggled in San Francisco, although he seems to have found himself this year.

Now, you can grab both guys on one card–and probably the premier Rodgers rookie card out there–in an eBay auction set to end on Thursday night.  It’s a 1-1 2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection “Ultimate Logo Signature” card signed by both and the current high bid as of late Tuesday was over $1,880.  You can follow the auction here.


Noting an uptick in the demand for quality game used jerseys and bats, MEARS Online Auctions is stepping up its efforts to get them on consignment.  The company is offering free grading and evaluation for better items.  Vintage flannel and knit jerseys from Hall of Famers and stars are what they’re hoping to add to their October auction.

“Collectors now have the chance to maximize value due to the rising market conditions,” says MEARS’ Troy Kinunen.

Also needed are high grade programs, tickets, press pins, autographs, team signed baseballs and other top shelf items.

Contact MEARS Auctions for a free consultation at [email protected] or call   (414) 828-9990.  The company can offer cash advances.


Topps released a few pictures of a few of the better pulls that will be inside 2012 Marquee Baseball product on Tuesday, teasing collectors with what should be one of its most sought after products.

2012 Topps Marquee Jeter patch
Nolan Ryan autographed 2012 Topps MarqueeAaron Mays Topps 2012 Marquee auto