Rodgers Rookie Cards Have Doubled in Value Since Start of NFL Season

Winning a Super Bowl did good things for the value of Aaron Rodgers rookie cards.  Continuing that success in 2011 has made them the Apple stock of the modern football card market.

The average price for a Rodgers rookie card from August 5-September 5, the period just before the start of the 2011 NFL season, was $23.40.  Over the last 30 days, that average price has more than doubled– to $53.64.  It’s the value of Rodgers’ autographed rookie cards that’s pushed the median price so high.  Still, collectors and speculators have been driving prices upward across the board.  It’s a trend that may not let up. The Green Bay Packers are undefeated and Rodgers is having a season like no other NFL quarterbacAaron Rodgers auto rookie card Exquisitek has ever had.

His slide down the first round of the draft six years ago has been well chronicled, but card companies didn’t hesitate to get the Cal product’s signature on his first trading cards.  From Sage to Press Pass to Upper Deck and Donruss Playoff, Rodgers has plenty of authentic signed cards.  He autographed hundreds of stickers before arriving for his first training camp with the Packers.  The stickers went on the cards and as Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre, the value of his cards was limited, even with a promising future.

It’s all ancient history now.

Over the last 90 days, the average price of a 2005 Rodgers’ autographed rookie card is $393.50.  However, in the last 30 days alone, the average selling price has jumped to $449.  The highest price paid was for a BGS 9.5 2005 Exquisite four-color jersey patch autographed card which drew 25 bids and sold for $3050 on November 11.  On October 25, the same card–only with a regular patch swatch–sold for $3000. Another is on eBay right now, priced at $4500.

A BGS 9 SP Authentic Rodgers signed rookie card opened at 99 cents earlier this month.  Numbered to 99, it sold a week ago today for $2938.

One of Rodgers’ most popular signed rookie cards is his 2005 Playoff Contenders rookie auto.  The average price for that piece of cardboard from August 6 to September 5 was $420.  Over the last 30 day period available through research, that average has jumped to $806.

A PSA 10 Rodgers Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket autographed card sold for $2700 last week.  A little over two weeks ago, a BGS 9.95 sold for $1849 while a BGS 9 brought $900.  Non-graded examples have been selling in the $800-900 range.  That’s roughly double what they were going for as recently as last August.

As for his non-signed rookie cards, the sell-through rate has been 63% over the last three months.  The 2005 Topps Chrome refractors seem to be among the hottest selections.  One of the 50 gold variations recently sold for $787 while a 1/100 black refractor sold for $610.

Rodgers’ rookie cards compare favorably to sports’ gold standard in the modern card market, Albert Pujols.  The average Pujols rookie card has sold for $63.57 in the last available 30-day period, which ended last week.  Rodgers’ autographed rookie cards trail Pujols, but not by much.  The average Albert signed 2001 card during the 30-day time period changed hands for $473.


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