Robertson, Thompson Talk About Selling Jerseys, Trophies

You can count the number of NBA MVP trophies that have been sold at auction on one hand.  Actually, you won’t even need all five fingers.  One sold just last year.  Julius 1964 NBA MVP trophy Oscar Robertson Erving found a new home for his hardware through a major sports memorabilia catalog auction.  That may have been the inspiration for another group of retired stars who have decided to liquidate some of their memorabilia.

Oscar Robertson is surrendering his 1964 MVP trophy, his 1960 U.S. Olympic jersey and several other items in SCP Auctions’ current sale.  David Thompson is doing the same.  So is Sam Jones.

Ozzie Smith’s Gold Gloves?  Up for bid, too.

The current auction comes nine years after Bob Cousy sold his 1957 MVP award for just over $51,673.  Prices have increased as new players with deep pockets enter the market.  One of the game’s true icons, the Big O’s trophy and Olympic jersey will likely each ring up six figures and more.

Robertson and Thompson talked with Fox Sports Chris Thomasson about the decision to sell.