Robertson Joins Suit

They played before the era of multi-million dollar guaranteed contracts and endorsement deals.  Now, some former players say they’re trying to get what they deserve.

Oscar Robertson has joined a group of former college athletes in a lawsuit against the NCAA aimed at stopping the organization from selling the rights to their images.

Robertson and the others say they believe the NCAA’s rights to use pictures and video featuring them ends when they leave school.

The NCAA disagrees.

The recent release of some college trading card sets produced by Upper Deck through its deal with Collegiate Licensing Company is what spurred Robertson’s interest.  He’s often asked to sign the cards, but receives no compensation for their production.

Robertson’s former Milwaukee Bucks’ teammate, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, has his own lawsuit against Upper Deck for its use of his UCLA photos in its Greats of the Game set.

Yahoo Sports talked with Robertson and offers more details on the suit’s background.