Rickerby Photo Collection Bought by Arkansas Businessman

One of the most prolific and respected photographers of the post-War era died young, but his work lives on through the purchase of his archives by a long-time memorabilia dealer.

It’s huge. Some 200,000 photos, negatives and other bits of memorabilia were part of the Arthur Rickerby collection.

The former LIFE magazine photographer’s widow sold it all–lock, stock and barrel–to Little Rock, Arkansas photo specialist and sports memorabilia dealer John Rogers who’s built a substantial collection, most all of it for sale in some form.

Historic and vintage photographs have become a big business in recent years and a popular niche in the sports memorabilia field.

Not all of the photos are of sports events or athletes. In fact, the Kennedy era is vividly portrayed among the thousands of images.

Rogers believes "it’s a big opportunity." In fact, the seven-employee company went from bringing in $300,000 annually to about $3.2 million a year.