Rich’s Ramblings: Show Work Must Go On

It’s been fun being in the show promotion business again—even on a small scale and we’re going to continue to let you tag along with our efforts to build and grow a small regional show here in the Dallas area.

We’re still on target for our March 9 debut card show at Adat Chaverim in Plano, TX. I met recently with the rest of the Brotherhood (Men’s Club) Board and presented the update to the show preparations as well as reiterating our short and long term goals.

Richs Ramblings So far, we have commitment for eight tables sold, which considering our goal is a modest 20 is still good at this early juncture. Yes, we still have tables left and those are $25 each. I have been assured by the board we have more than enough tables at this point to cover our short and medium term goal needs. If we succeed in the manner I wish, then we will probably have to purchase a few new tables. However, that day is at least a year off at this point and we have enough tables in house for now. Interestingly, the first person who reached to me for tables I did not know was not someone who found the show listing in either the Beckett or the F&W Show Calendars but was someone who was following our show progress in these very web pages. I was very pleasantly surprised about that when I read the email the second time.

Our new web site ( is operational and I’d like to thank one of our fellow board members Kevin Kohleriter who both designed the flyer (see below) and created the web site. For now, it’s a simple procedure but we will grow as time goes on.

They’ll be useful as we try to garner free publicity and I also needed a flyer to pass out at the return of the Dallas Card Show which will be held on January 25 at the La Quinta located at Walnut Hill and Hwy 75 (Central) in Dallas. That show will be 9 AM to 3:30 PM.

We will also be taking a table at the Awesome Card Show in Richardson, TX on February 16 to hand out more flyers.  I did explain to the promoter that I was running a show and when I saw him in December he asked me if I had any flyers ready. I did not have any flyers ready then, but do now. It’s nice of him to help us.  

Our promotional budget is small but if we need to do something, we can.

I did confirm we will have food available—just items like hot dogs, burgers and soda and if one of us gets up early enough there will be donuts for breakfast. All the food will be reasonably priced and you won’t feel as if you are a big show and paying those major convention center prices.

I also discussed some of the logistics. As we get closer to our date and hopefully have a few more tableholders committed, I will create the floor plan. We are going to attempt to set up the room on Saturday evening so that is one less hassle for Sunday morning.

We have received our first door prizes courtesy of Mike Jaspersen at Topps and I do have commitments for other door prizes as well. I also realized while in my storage unit this morning I had received some old Indy Racing sets which were sent to me to be used for charity giveaways. We qualify on that as we assist our youth attend summer camp and help the synagogue in ways we can. We’re always looking for more door prizes, table holders or attendees. Whatever group you qualify for, please keep us in mind as we are now less than two months away from our maiden voyage.  We’ll continue to keep you posted and I hope if you’re planning to run a show in your area that you can identify with our efforts to get this one off the ground.

Plano Card Show Flyer

Rich Klein can be reached at [email protected]