Rich’s Ramblings: Hobby Companies Come Through for New Show

The Plano Card Show approaches in less than two weeks and as we get closer, I realize this venture might not be all that exciting to read about if you’re not within a couple of hours of our show but I just want to give everyone sort of an inside look at what goes into promoting a small show today.  I actually did receive a nice note from someone who indicated they appreciate what we’re doing for the hobby and hearing about the promotional efforts.

Richs Ramblings The show is a fundraiser that’s become a labor of love for me and I think the idea of doing good works while doing something I always wanted to do and love is a great deal for all concerned.

Card show Craig Ranch

We begin with a couple of quick shout-outs for supporting the event for the Adat Chaverim Brotherhood (Men’s Club). We reached out to Jeff Rosenberg of Tri-Star Productions and within a day we received a great package of goodies to give away to attendees and I’d like to thank Jeff Rosenberg, Bobby Mintz, Mandy Feurst and the entire Tri-Star team.   In addition, Upper Deck sent me some National Hockey Card Day uncut sheets and packs. In fact, they sent enough packs and sheets so we should have a nice freebie for everyone who walks in the door. I love being able to give value to everyone who attends and helps us with our fundraising goal. Thank you Chris Carlin and Grant Sandground of Upper Deck.

In addition, we received a nice Facebook message from a person who wishes to set up case breaks at our show in return for a donation. We have more than sufficient room for that and if anyone else wants to run case breaks in return for a donation, we’re happy to give you the room to do so.  I’d like to thank the person who sent me that message for reminding me of an aspect I had not even considered.

baseball card show Craig Ranch TXWe have now received packages from Topps, Upper Deck, and Tri-Star and aew expecting a package from Panini. Nick’s Sportscards, a legendary local shop, also provided us some nice items as well for our event.  If you operate a hobby business and would like to donate something in exchange for a public thank you, please contact me via email at the address below.

Frankly, my biggest challenge on the items we have received and plan to receive will be whether to do three or four door prize drawings throughout the day.  I was asked by a couple of dealers about why have door prizes instead of silent auctions. The first reason is, frankly I did not think about a silent auction. The second reason is, I want everyone who walks through the door to have a chance to win a prize. I realize the auction might bring in more dollars but with our “kid-friendly” pricing structure and the amount of children we have in our synagogue, we want this to be open to everyone. And the third reason is, our synagogue is actually having a silent auction as part of their big-fundraiser at the end of March so I do not wish to duplicate their efforts.

Beckett GradingWe are also excited to say we have worked out an agreement for Beckett Grading and Beckett Auction Services to have a presence at our event. Usually Beckett grading has a nice break for those submitting so if you are interested please let me or Mike Simmons at Beckett ([email protected]) know what you are bringing so we can arrange the best possible offer for you.  If you are interested in more details on Beckett Auction Services please contact Colonel William T. Sutherland at Beckett ([email protected]). We look forward to seeing them at the show.

As I type this I realize we need some signage, hand stamps, raffle tickets and I’m sure other things we’ve forgotten.  As I have stated often, our goal is to bring as much money into our men’s club as possible and we actually had one dealer mention he would add money to his table fees for a bigger donation.  How nice!

We may have one more update next week but I will assure you that come March 10th and the recap I will write, I will be emotionally exhausted and be happy I took that day off from work. Yes that is a scheduled vacation.

Rich Klein can be reached at [email protected]