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Rich’s Ramblings: Custom Cards for Players Time Forgot, Leaf Going to Court?

Recently I was reading an article about “Geezer Sportscards“,  a Florida company that creates custom baseball cards for local adults participating in sports.   As we all age, the concept is a really cool idea similar to what Big League Cards from Teaneck, New Jersey (owned by Jim Bouton) did for many years before he sold the company to the printer. My cousin’s wife actually used to work for Big League Cards which I never knew for many years but in a sense it figures I was related to one of the people who worked at that office.

Richs Ramblings I think the concept of custom cards is really cool, especially with today’s high quality printing technology being relatively inexpensive. By the way, one of the more famous “Big League Cards” is one of John Smoltz when he was in Little League.  The team had cards produced by the company and for a while there was actually a bit of a rush for those cards. In fact, as long as the cards are legitimate, that has to be, by several years, the earliest known Smoltz baseball card and would be pretty cool to own. I wonder if there are not other cards such as that of famous people from those teams of 30 years ago who really became famous. Those are really cool collectibles.

And as for the Geezer Cards idea, we have a guy named Mike Napoli (no, not the current big leaguer) who attends the local SABR meetings. Napoli was a catcher in the Brooklyn Dodgers chain who was invited to Brooklyn’s spring training in 1956. Mr. Napoli, unlike his namesake currently with the Red Sox, had no cards issued during his playing career and wouldn’t it be nice for Mr. Napoli to create some custom cards and hand them out.  There are tons of other minor leaguers and players in other sports who never had cards issued. These “geezer” cards are a great way of giving some of these people an affordable and smaller size item to use when they receive autograph requests.

That was fun.  This is a bit different.

Leaf Trading CardsBrian Gray, recently posted in this thread on the Freedom Card Board message boards.  I am so far from a lawyer I can not and will not even speculate on if the 1st amendment rights supercede the contracts everyone has signed with the MLB and the MLBPA but I will be fascinated, as well as many other collectors (some of whom are lawyers) if this really goes to court. It will be interesting to see if the one entity per group that MLB likes will hold up or if we end up with a shakeup similar to the 1981 era. We will keep monitoring this situation.

Every once in a while, the collecting fraternity does things right. Recently, long-time east coast dealer Jay Wolt was diagnosed with cancer and the response from the online collecting community has been all positive in helping Jay. I’m sure I met him at some point over the  and we are happy that so many people are leding a helping hand to him in his latest struggle.

I want to mention that we should have some fun “reviews” in about two weeks. I have sent out gifts to three people in a Secret Santa exchange.  I have already received two (am expecting the third any day).  One package contained some 1982-84 unopened packs with a 1980 Topps pack tossed in.  The other package contained a 2006 Topps Heritage Box. I’ll enjoy opening both and I sent some good stuff their way too.

For card collectors, opening presents means opening packs!

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