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Review: PSA Card Slugger Mobile App Tests Your Collecting Knowledge

PSA has rolled out its new Card Slugger mobile app.  Card Slugger is a multiple choice guessing game which challenges your knowledge of baseball cards throughout the years.

After happening across a Facebook post on the company’s page, I downloaded the app on Google Play for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Thursday night and gave it a try.

Card Slugger App PSA The download itself took nearly five minutes, a bit long for most mobile apps in my experience but if you’re asking whether it was worth it, the answer is most definitely yes…and that answer comes from someone who isn’t exactly a big fan of online games, mobile or not.

Once you register (just takes a minute or so), you select which type of baseball card trivia you’d like to have thrown at you:  Vintage Hall Slugger appof Famers and Stars, All Vintage Cards, Modern Hall of Famers and Stars or All Modern Cards. Vintage games include cards which are dated pre-1970. Modern games are cards from 1970 to date.  Thousands of cards have already been loaded but to keep things challenging, PSA’s developers say new cards will be continually added to the game as they become available.

The game begins when you ask the animated pitcher to toss a card at you.  You’ll see a portion of that card spin at you and stop and you’ll then be asked a series of questions, while timed against a running clock.  You’re asked to identify the player, then the manufacturer, the year of issue and finally, the card number.  One correct answer Dave Ricketts 1967 Toppsearns a single, a second correct answer give you a double and so on.  Hitting a home run by providing the first three answers and the card number is a little daunting for more obscure cards like the 1967 Topps Dave Ricketts we were tossed in our first game, but that’s part of the fun.  And remember, it’s multiple choice so even a guess gives you a one in four chance to be right.

The game launched online back in October and some of the bugs have been worked out since then.  If you’re an avid player, there are some nice prizes available from the game’s sponsors for those who accumulate the highest scores in various categories.

Card Slugger is a free app and it can be a little hard to find via Google Play search (we didn’t try the iTunes store) but you should be able to locate it with a little perseverance.

“The PSA CardSlugger game can be played at your convenience, whether you wish to play the game from the comfort of your own home or on any Apple or Android mobile device,” says Joe Orlando, PSA President.  ”Collecting itself is meant to be a fun endeavor. That is why so many people enjoy the hobby.  We felt that introducing this game was simply another way to inject fun into the hobby. It is fun, easy to use and free for anyone who wishes to test their knowledge.”

The PSA CardSlugger game was inspired by PSA Co-Founder and Collectors Universe President David Hall.

“We know there are a lot of people who enjoy collecting baseball cards, but we also believe there are a lot of people who don’t know about the current card market or who may have forgotten the joys they had as a childhood collector.  We hope this game rekindles that collecting enjoyment as well as provides fun and challenges for veteran collectors,” Hall explained.

The game will have four “seasons” each year, one every three months, and players can compete against each other to see who scores the most runs in different categories during each season.  The winners will receive various prizes.

It’s a 21st century twist on a similar ‘guess the player’ game you’ve probably played with your card collecting friends at some point in your life.  Whether you’re 12 or 72, Card Slugger is easy to play, challenging and fun.

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