Retro Baseball Theme Works for Card Shop

After 22 years, one card shop is still thriving in the Twin Cities.

The Ballpark, which began in the wake of the 1987 World Series, has been a fixture in the suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul ever since.

Owner Calvin Haverkamp has a business and marketing background, which has helped him succeed while dozens of other shops in the state have failed.

After the baseball card boom of the late 1980s and early 90s, Haverkamp moved heavily into the vintage sports card arena, but has since begun stocking newer issues as well. He keeps his shelves full of items his customers like and the walls full of retro baseball memorabilia; gloves, caps, bats, photos and the like.

Customers say it’s a friendly, comfortable place, where the conversation flows and opportunities about for collectors to buy and sell. Many have patronized the place for over two decades.

"I’m extremely blessed to be able to have a job I love," he told the Minnesota Sun, which profiled the shop with this story in today’s edition.