Research Tool for eBay Sellers Launched

Invest a little to make a little more?

HammerTap, LLC, has announced the release of their web-based eBay research tool, the PowerWeb edition, to eBay’s Selling Manager applications directory. HammerTap’s PowerWeb edition analyzes closed eBay listings to reveal what is selling on eBay, how much it sells for, and what sellers can do to increase sales and profits.

“We are excited to be able to include a tool in eBay’s Selling Manager that can dramatically increase a seller’s profits and improve business processes,” says Greg Cole, President and CEO of HammerTap. “Now making selling decisions will be even simpler, since eBay sellers will be able to see their research results and create their listing without leaving the eBay interface.”

With the PowerWeb edition, sellers will be able to get an instant report about when, how, and if they should sell a specific item, based on HammerTap’s reliable market research, directly inside the eBay Selling Manager.

The PowerWeb edition, a simplified version of the original HammerTap tool (the PowerDesk edition), gives researchers greater flexibility through a highly-intuitive interface. A quick glance at the single page of results reveals current eBay market trends, such as average selling price and average selling rate, as well as tips for generating greater profits, such as best ending day and optimal starting price. Researchers can also drill deeper to understand how to make each listing more successful and more profitable.

The tool is also offered as part of the current HammerTap package at no extra cost.


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