Report: Manziel Signed Thousands of Autographs for Brokers

ESPN’s Outside the Lines is reporting that Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel did a total of at least six autograph signing sessions for brokers.  

The network reported that Florida dealer Kevin Freistat of KLF Sports helped put the signing sessions together and cited sources who told them Manziel signed at least 1,500 items in each of the two private signings and a total of over 4,400 for three brokers in three states in less than a month.

Signed Johnny Manziel photoWhile the network didn’t confirm Manziel was paid for the autographs, it would be unusual for a player to sign so many autographs without compensation.

The NCAA is investigating whether rules were broken by Manziel and it’s possible his eligibility for the coming season would be at stake.

Last week, Outside the Lines reported that a Miami autograph broker brought Manziel in for a signing session there at which over 1,000 items were signed.

Two other dealers told the network that Manziel signed about 300 items that same week and that they paid $7,500 but none admitted  they saw Manziel take money.

Many of the autographs were turned over to PSA/DNA and James Spence Authentication.  Neither company indicated its representatives had been witnesses to the signing sessions.  A witness to one of the Miami signings told ESPN that JSA was paid more than $10,000 to authenticate more than 1,100 pieces of memorabilia signed by Manziel.

It’s not known where those autographs wound up but over 200 were on eBay as of Monday night.


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