Report Claims FBI Asking Questions

Is the FBI looking into Mastro Auctions? One newspaper report says yes. The company says it’s nonsense.

The New York Daily News reported in its Sunday edition that the FBI has initiated an investigation of Chicago-based Mastro Auctions, considered the largest sports memorabilia auction house in the hobby.

There was no confirmation from the Bureau, but Daily News reporter Michael O’Keeffe reported that Bill Brandt, President of a company hired by the state of Ohio to liquidate collectibles bought with stolen state funds by convicted felon Tom Noe, had deferred some of their activities to the FBI’s own investigation. Noe’s holdings reportedly included items purchased from Mastro Auctions.

O’Keeffe also quoted a dealer as saying he had been interviewed within "the last ten days". Another person in the hobby also said he had been contacted by the FBI but would not comment further.

Mastro Auctions’ President Doug Allen, however, claimed no one from the FBI had contacted his office as of yet.