Reggie Bush’s First Jerseys Cut to Pieces

The jerseys Reggie Bush wore in his first NFL regular season games are no longer.

Reggie Bush's first NFL game-used jerseys are being chopped into pieces to create commemorative tickets and plaques The super vegematic slicer and dicer is at it again. More pieces of sports history are being chopped to "swatches" thanks to an apparently strong market for tiny pieces of cloth.

Game Exclusives has acquired Reggie Bush’s first game used jerseys and has created "tickets" and other memorabilia fashioned with pieces of them.

We imagine the idea is to get them under the Christmas trees of well-meaning and wealthy families across America.

The cost is $399-499. Reggie says it’s a great idea. But then we think whenever players get paid a lot of money they think pretty much anything’s a great idea.

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