Red Sox to Highlight Fenway Artifacts in 100th Anniversary Celebration

The Boston Red Sox have unveiled their plans to commemorate the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park, including memorabilia exhibits, a huge book full of historic images and a logo that will be attached to all game-used jerseys and game-used equipment.

The Red Sox will host an Open House on April 19. Throughout the day, fans can enter the ballpark free of charge to view historical artifacts, memorabilia and other displays on the eve of the 100th birthday on April 20. Fans will also have an opportunity to meet various Red Sox Legends and visit parts of the ballpark not normally accessible to fans such as the dugout tunnels and clubhouse.

courtesy Boston Red Sox

For select games during the 2012 season, the team will also be hosting Throwback Days, where both the Red Sox and the opposing team will dress in historic uniforms from previous eras. One of the Throwback Days will take place on May 2, when the team will face the Oakland Athletics and wear 1936 uniforms as a nod to the year when Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx was sold by the then-Philadelphia Athletics to the Boston Red Sox. Foxx made an immediate impact on the team, winning the Most Valuable Player award in 1938. Information on additional Throwback Days will be announced closer to the start of the season.

There will be a new commemorative ticket design for both single-game and season tickets. The new tickets incorporate an historical black and white photo of the ballpark’s Gate A entrance taken in 1912.

The team, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, has produced and printed a 256-page coffee table book – an homage to baseball’s oldest ballpark that details the life of a place whose history in the sport is unparalleled. The book features over 300 compelling historical images – including some that have never before been seen. The book is one of several produced commemorating the anniversary that you can find at

Fenway Park 100 yearsPreserving and Sharing the History of Fenway Park

In an effort to share the rich history and artifacts of Fenway Park with the community, the Red Sox have launched a new initiative entitled, “Fenway Park – A Living Museum,” designed to highlight the historical events that have taken place at the ballpark through displays, artifacts and an enhanced tour program.

The Red Sox have been cataloguing artifacts over the past few years to have a complete record of the historical pieces in the club’s possession in time for the 100th anniversary. The undertaking included the documentation and preservation of more than 4,000 artifacts including, an extensive historical photo collection, architectural plans and blueprints, baseballs, and ballpark artifacts such as chairs, signs, tickets, lineup cards, bases and championship pennants.

Many of “The Nation’s Archives” will be on display throughout the ballpark during the 2012 season for fans to enjoy, and will also become key elements on an enhanced tour of Fenway Park. The team is adding more than 50 new elements to the collection of plaques, displays and historical markers and more than 100 such items will be featured in the ballpark by Opening Day.

As a way to help preserve FenFenway Park Opening Day 1912way Park’s rich history, the Red Sox have established the “Preserve Fenway Park Fund,” a not-for-profit fund that will serve as a vehicle to support the preservation and display of historic elements and items at Fenway Park. The Fund will also enable fans who would like to make a donation towards the preservation of Fenway Park – through an endowment or contribution of historic memorabilia – to receive a full tax deduction for their gift. Donations to the Fund will be used to make Fenway Park a “living museum” through the creation and maintenance of plaques, statues, and display cases to showcase its rich history.

The idea to produce a commemorative coffee table book and to showcase uniforms from previous eras came directly from fans. Fans also expressed an interest in voting on an all-time Red Sox team. In response to this request, they will now have a chance to vote on players from various decades that will create the All-Fenway Team, comprised of members of the Red Sox team who have played at Fenway Park and best represent its history. Online voting for the All-Fenway team will launch in 2012 on

Through the webpage, Red Sox fans will also have an opportunity to visit the Red Sox Hall of Fame, a digital webpage dedicated to enshrining players and executives who have contributed extensively to the tradition of the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox Hall of Fame page launched today, December 8.

Fans will also be able to share their Favorite Personal Fenway Park Moments by uploading photos that represent their fondest memories at the ballpark. Fans can also continue to share their stories about Fenway on by emailing [email protected]

Additional fan ideas for the 100th anniversary celebration are already in the works and will be announced closer to the start of baseball season.