REA Believes All 2001 Barry Bonds “Home Run Jerseys” Fake

On his way to the home run crown, Barry Bonds left a lot of scorched earth.  He may have also left a trail of phony signed “game used” jerseys from his biggest season…but someone else may have been behind what some believe is a massive string of fraud.

Robert Edward Auctions has been studying circumstances and evidence surrounding the jerseys, which supposedly carry Bonds’ autograph and an inscription stating they were the actual shirts from specific games in which Bonds hit one of his 762 home runs.  The company’s conclusion is that evidence weighs heavily in the favor of those who have stated they aren’t the actual jerseys he was wearing.

Why does it matter with Bonds memorabilia not exactly selling like hotcakes?

Well, not only did some collectors pay a lot of money for them, but the reason they’re being called into question relates to the legal wranglings that surround Bonds.  That, in itself, provides an interesting twist to the whole Bonds saga.  Was he telling the truth when he accused former friend Steve Hoskins of wrongdoing when it came to his memorabilia sales?

Here’s REA’s take on the matter.