“Re-discovered” T206 Wagner Card Set for Auction

Here’s proof that some T206 Honus Wagner cards do sit quietly in private collections.

How many T206 Honus Wagner cards exist? Guesses range from 50 to 100, but no one really knows for sure because some are likely in private collections, their existence known only to their owners.

One Wagner has been sitting in a bank vault for a long time, proudly owned by a father-son collecting team that purchased it as part of a complete T206 set that was brought into into a 1985 card show in Connecticut. Their $10,000 investment in the set seemed like a lot of money at the time, but now it’s safe to say it was a wise move. The Wagner card alone, in poor condition, is likely worth well into six figures based on recent sales.

Sixteen years old at the time, the younger of the two collectors who made the buy has decided the time is right to part with it. The PSA 1 “Connecticut” Wagner will be sold this spring by Robert Edward Auctions. The reserve is $50,000.

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