Rare Autographed Hockey Stick Emerges

It sat in the family basement for years, but now the heirs to an old autographed hockey stick are discovering it’s a piece of ancient NHL history.

Bill Brown may be looking at the Holy Grail of hockey sticks, but it only recently dawned on him what he had.
The stick, jointly owned by Brown and siblings Brydon and Sheila, was left by their late father, Charles, with nary a word as to its significance.

The story behind the surprisingly well-preserved stick is an amazing one. Brown and his brother began to research the signatures and made an amazing discovery – all of them had participated in the first unofficial NHL all-star game in February of 1934–a benefit for Toronto player Ace Bailey.

The Toronto Globe and Mail reports it may even be a game-used stick signed by the players after the historic event.

Now, a couple of auction companies are hoping the Browns will decide to consign the stick to one of their upcoming auctions.