Rambling at the National: Notes from the Floor and Beyond

Some quick hits from the 34th National

  • Both Rich Mueller and I are gratified by how many people here at the National have approached us with positive comments about my column and the website in general
  • Richs Ramblings 98 out of 101 items at the Heritage Platinum Night auction at the old, restored movie theatre sold including the pieces from Sam Snead’s collection.  The auction including card company representatives who were looking for items they can include in upcoming products.  Other auction company representatives were also there and many leading old-time collectors and dealers who have the capital to keep bidding in major events.  A good people watching event for sure.
  • We saw long-time dealer Bill Henderson (the King of Commons) taking a lot of photos of many old hobby friends and other hobby associates.  Bill has been selling vintage cards since the 1970’s and was one of the hobby’s first full-time dealers.
  • Every morning, I watch the sprint to the corporate center.  It’s like the running of the bulls to get to the card company booths to grab free redemption sets, cards and packs.  Inevitably, some come away disappointed because dealers are able to get in line first.  The card companies continue to work on solutions to make the process fair for everyone.
  • I spent time at the PSA luncheon on Friday and later tonight, we’ll be at the Net 54 dinner.  Any day I can score two free meals is a great day.  About 150 showed up for the annual PSA luncheon.  Both Joe Orlando and David Hall spoke to their best customers who are here in Chicago.  PSA is launching a Sweepstakes and other announcements regarding interactive content on their website will be released soon.  I still remember a luncheon they held few years ago when Joe acted out his first meeting with David, the founder of the company.  It was a ‘Young Frankenstein’ theme and very entertaining.
  • An eBay rep from their sports card and memorabilia category is here and told me he’d never seen so many signed Babe Ruth baseballs in one place.  The question is…are they all real? Babe did sign a lot of stuff and there are photos showing the Babe signing literally hundreds of signed baseballs at one time which lends credence to the fact that there are a lot of good ones out there but be careful if you’re in the market.  Do your research.
  • I’ve spoken to many industry folks who have consented to do some one-on-one Q&A for upcoming features including auction company reps.  Look for those here in the weeks to come.
  • More on location Ramblings to come.  Stay tuned!