Radio host, collector dies suddenly

Popular Cleveland radio host Geoff Sindelar, an avid collector of sports cards and memorabilia, died last Thursday afternoon after suffering a cerebral hemmorhage.  He was 62.

Geoff Sindelar

Geoff Sindelar

Sindelar, who travelled the country looking for vintage cards prior to the arrival of the internet and was an avid collector, hosted a sports talk show on WKNR radio for the past seven years.  Prior to that he had been a frequent guest on Pete Franklin’s long-running nighttime show on WWWE where he would display his knowledge of sports memorabilia.

He was a regular at card shows in the region.  Callers to his show on WKNR would often ask about cards or other items and Sindelar would offer his opinion.  “Great item, neighbor.  Hang onto it,” he would often exclaim.

Sindelar was known as “The Professor” for his knowledge of sports statistics and often reached into his collection to research topics for his show.  While often cantankerous, Sindelar also let callers take over the show when the topic and discussion had merit.

“He loved to talk to the fans,” his long-time producer Bob Karlovec told The Morning Journal. “Sometimes he would keep them on for three or four minutes. That’s an eternity in radio. The program director didn’t like it, but Geoff always regarded his callers as his guests. That’s why he rarely had real guests on his show.”

Radio wasn’t Sindelar’s main line of work, however.  For years, he ran a family business before turning day-t0-day operations over to his children according to local media reports.