Racing Rip-Off: Dale Senior’s Suit Swiped

This suit worn by Dale Earnhardt in 1996 has apparently been stolen The President of the Texas Motor Speedway did not have a Happy Thanksgiving. He’s still steamed about losing the racing suit Dale Earnhardt Sr. gave him just after his first run on the track several years ago. "It’s just one of those sick things," Gossage said. "It’s like someone stealing one of Elvis’ jumpsuits. How do you replace that?"

It’s one pricey piece of NASCAR memorabilia. A racing suit given to the Texas Motor Speedway by the late Dale Earnhardt during a testing section in 1996 has apparently been stolen.

Fort Worth police say Earnhardt’s racing suit, along with a helmet, racing gloves and a pair of racing shoes turned up missing from a locked storage closet earlier this month. The items had been given to Speeway President Eddie Gossage by Earnhardt himself after his first laps at the new track. It had been on display before moving to the closet.

Watch the story from NBC5 in Ft. Worth.