Quarterbacks, Phelps Among Top 2008 eBay Sales

A look at which items were most popular among eBay buyers this year.

If it had something to do with quarterbacks in the news, or a certain U.S. Olympic athlete, buyers on eBay wanted it in 2008.

But sports cards and memorabilia accounted for only part of the auction giant’s top- selling lots. By examining the volume of items sold relating to pop culture phenomena in categories ranging from political scandals to blockbuster movie hits to tech gadgets, eBay has identified exactly what Americans were most fascinated by this year.

“If it was a hot topic this year, then it was also hot on eBay,” said Karen Bard, eBay’s pop culture expert. “When someone or something excites the American public, you immediately see a surge of related listings pop up on eBay.”

Bard’s picks for America’s top 10 pop culture obsessions of 20082 include:
1. Nintendo Wii – 2,056,866 related items sold
2. Xbox 360 – 1,297,903 related items sold
3. Apple’s iPod Touch – 281,361 related items sold
4. Hannah Montana – 223,139 related items sold
5. Apple’s iPhone 3G – 212,837 related items sold
6. Brett Favre – 199,832 related items sold
7. Barack Obama – 111,546 related items sold
8. High School Musical Cast – 109,813 related items sold
9. Guitar Hero III – 98,159 related items sold
10. Madonna – 96,511 related items sold

The list includes sales made from Jan. 1 to Oct. 15.

Obama was the clear front-running presidential candidate among eBay users with 111,546 related items sold, a portion of which were sports related.

58,486 Peyton Manning related items sold this year, making him the reigning Manning brother on eBay. He beat out younger brother Eli Manning, who came in with 51,796 items sold. However, senior statesman QB Brett Favre “jetted” past the brothers on eBay with 199,832 items sold.

Kobe Bryant topped LeBron James in the NBA on eBay race, 77,624 to 67,820.

The 2008 Summer Olympics were a time of broken records, patriotism and the start of a new era of Olympic stars. After breaking records in the pool, Michael Phelps swam his way to the top of the proverbial medal stand on eBay with 13,350 related items sold.