Puck City: Young Fan Digs Discs

12 year-old Ross Vender lives in Ontario, but the Maple Leafs aren’t his favorite NHL team.

He’s a MontrealSigned puck from Ross Vender collection Canadiens man.

He’s also one of the biggest hockey puck collectors in Canada.

Ross has his own website, where he shows off some of the 500+ pucks he has in his collection, some autographed and some game-used, but he’s really not fussy. If it has to do with the NHL–and especially the Habs–he’s on it.Ross Vender

Scouring eBay, going to games, shows and trading with other collectors has formed the basis of his stash, which is starting to take up a big chuck of space in the family’s house.

That’s OK with Ross’ family, though.

According to a story about him in Canadian media, Ross’ dad is a collector, too.