Psst…Wanna Buy 27 Super Bowl Rings?

Massachusetts police have put the sting on the bling–and believe they have the perpetrators of the heist that netted a valuable, if not boringly consistent collection.

It’s a little hard to put them all on eBay. Even one at a time. Super Bowl rings aren’t exactly the kind of thing you could sell at a local flea market without raising a little suspcion either. So what to do?

That’s what police believe a trio of east coasters were trying to figure out when Massachusetts police swooped in and arrested them. A jewelry heist that netted 27 Super Bowl rings last year may have been solved with the arrests.

Photos of the rings released by the Saugus (MA) Police Department show players’ names inscribed on one side and the score of the game (New York 17, New England 14) on the other. New rings had to be created for the players after they were discovered missing.

It doesn’t appear as if any made it to the memorabilia market. The goods were found at a bank and the suspects involved may have ies to other crimes.

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