PSA Will Make Population Report Free

Starting January 1, 2012 PSA will make its Online SMR and PSA Population Report free.    The SMR Online contains over 300,000 prices for a host of different collectibles and was previously available only through membership.

The PSA Population Report is a complete listing of every item graded by PSA since the company’s inception in 1991. The Pop Report currently contains data on nearly 20 million items.

The company says current subscribers to the Online SMR and the Population Report will have an automatic credit (for the time remaining on the subscription) placed on their account, which can be used for any products or services PSA offers

There will be some price changes for submissions at PSA beginning next year but most won’t affect the average collector.   Click here for a breakdown of PSA’s List of Services.

“We have decided to preserve the majority of the prices from 2011,” wrote company president Joe Orlando in a letter to customers Monday.  ” There are some changes to our high-end service levels, the prices from our most commonly used services remain intact. We did, however, combine our Vintage and Modern Ticket Grading Services into one (Regular) service for simplicity.”


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