PSA Now Ready for Unopened Packs

It was a move announced earlier this summer, but PSA is now accepting vintage and modern unopened packs for grading. Wax and cello yes. Racks and tall boys: Not yet.

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) now is accepting unopened trading card packs for authentication and grading. The submission form and the recently-established ten-point PSA grading standards for unopened packs are available online at

“We are accepting unopened wax and cellophane packs of sports and non-sports trading cards for authentication, grading and encapsulation. Sonically-welded, high-quality plastic holders – similar to the study holders now used by PSA for encapsulating individual trading cards and tickets – are used for encapsulating certified packs,” explained Joe Orlando, PSA President.

“The hobby marketplace has seen a tremendous increase in interest for unopened packs. We feel that we can expand that demand with our brand strength and the quality of our holder. We are also planning to incorporate packs into our very successful PSA Set Registry program.”

Unopened baseball wax pack cards are often submitted to companies like PSA for grading because of their pristine nature. Now, the company is grading the wax packs as well.

PSA is accepting the following types of unopened packs for certification at the present time.

Baseball wax packs: 1957 to present, both wax and cello.

Basketball wax packs: 1957/1958 Topps, 1961/1962 Fleer and 1972 to present issues. However, PSA cannot grade Tall Boys, such as 1969/1970 or 1976/1977 Topps issues.

Football packs: 1957 to present, both wax and cello, with the exception of Tall Boys, such as the 1965 Topps issue.

Hockey packs: 1957 to present, both wax and cello, with the exception of Tall Boys, such as the 1964/1965 Topps issue.

Miscellaneous sports and non-sports packs: 1957 to present, both wax and cello, except for the many Tall Boy issues in this category.

“We will not grade any pack that has been deemed by the experts to be re-sealed, repaired or altered in any way. If a pack cannot pass this first step in the PSA process, the pack will not be eligible for encapsulation,” said Orlando.

PSA debuted it’s holder for packs at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim this summer. Rack and tall boy holders are apparently not yet available.

PSA’s chief pack authenticator is Steve Hart of Baseball Card Exchange.