PSA 8 T206 Wagner a Tourist Attraction?

T206 Honus Wagner PSA 8 The $2.8 million T206 Honus Wagner card may be getting superstar treatment from a Vegas hotel/casino that is expected to become its new home.

It’s seen its share of convention centers and bank vaults, but the only near mint-mint T206 Honus Wagner might be escaping such an unexciting existence in favor of a new life.

Vegas baby.

The last sale of the hobby’s most famous card–no matter your stance on how it got that way–has put it in the hands of an anonymous person who may have big plans for it. A new interactive sports museum located on the Strip was looking for a Celine Dion type attraction and PSA 8 Honus just happened to be available. They’re hoping he’s a bigger deal than IMAX.

We’ve officially gone big time. Robin Leach is now breaking news from the world of sports cards.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, sports fans.