Probable ID of Ruth Called Shot Jersey?

Babe Ruth crossing the plate after homering in the 1932 World Series New information and techniques have one authenticator giving a more enthusiastic thumbs up to a jersey purported to have been worn by Babe Ruth in perhaps his most famous moment.

Authentication of vintage sports memorabilia is seldom an exact science.

Years pass. Photographs are few. Unimpeachable sourcing is virtually impossible.

Exhaustive research can, however, eliminate a lot of the guessing. In April of 2005, Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services (MEARS) analyst Dave Grob examined a jersey believed to have been on the back of Babe Ruth when he hit his famous "called shot" during the 1932 World Series. Grob concluded the jersey was consistent with the era and "possibly" that very #3 shirt. It sold at auction in 2005 for $940,000.

Armed with new information including photographic evidence, the jersey’s owner, Dr. Richard Angrist, recently asked for a re-evaluation. Grob flew in for another look and after researching period photographs to match lettering and eliminating several other jerseys Ruth wore in and around the ’32 season, has upgraded his opinion that Angrist’s jersey is "most likely one and the same".

It takes awhile to for even seasoned sports collectors to digest, but it’s interesting.