Printer Spared Jail in Favre Fraud Case

The man who created the prints with duplicated Brett Favre autographs won’t be doing jail time..but he will be doing lots of free printing for local high schools.

Is there a difference between creating fake memorabilia and actually selling it? One Brown County (WI) judge believes there is.

Judge William Atkinson didn’t go along with the prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation of 90 days in jail Tuesday. Instead, he ordered Paul Vidani, age 60, and the owner of a local printing company, to provide 13 Green Bay area high school booster clubs $1000 in free printing once a year for the next three years.

Vidani printed the items bearing a stamped Favre signature and gave them to a Green Bay memorabilia shop..a scam that worked until federal agents swooped in last year.

“Mr. Vidani here never looked at a customer in the eye and said this is a true print and that to me is a significant difference between the prior defendant I sentenced who looked the customer in the eye, took their money and let them walk out of the store with the false print,” Atkinson said. More from the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Authentic Favre autographs: