Pricey Sports Paintings Stolen

Millions of dollars worth of Andy Warhol originals signed by some big time sports legends have been stolen…but why?

LAPD investigators are turning up every leaf trying to find out who stole ten Andy Warhol originals commissioned in 1977 and valued in the millions.

Police say the paintings were stolen from the home of Richard L. Weisman, a businessman and prominent collector.

The paintings feature several sports luminaries including Muhammad Ali, Tom Seaver, Jack Nicklaus and others–all signed by both the athlete and the artist. They were stolen earlier this month.

Weisman commissioned the paintings, known as the “Athlete Series,” from Warhol in late 1977.

Steal a baseball card collection and there’s a chance the thief could move it any number of places. Steal some one-of-a-kind art? Not as easy.

The theft even got the attention of UK newspapers.