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Pricey 2013 Topps Five Star Football Success Could Depend on Rookie Class

Returning for its fourth year, 2013 Topps Five Star Football is promising on card card autographs and desirable patch cards with a heavy emphasis on the 2013 draft class. A true high end product, each pack will include five hits:  one autographed rookie card, one base rookie autographed patch 2013 Topps Five Star Football logocard, one autographed veteran/retired or autographed patch card, one autographed relic book or dual autographed card, one jumbo jersey relic or patch card, and three base cards.

Due out in March of next year, Five Star is Topps’ latest effort to appeal to collectors clamoring for value on the secondary market who demand on card autographs with a quality checklist and a limited number of base cards.  Boxes should sell for $400-450 upon release.

2013 E.J. Manual Five Star autoFive Star Futures will feature on card autographs of 40 premier rookies and will include a Rainbow (#’d to 25) and Five Star (1/1) parallel. 30 2013 Five Star Bo Jackson Signaturesrookies have signed a Quotable (#’d to 25) insert that includes an inscription, some of which have proven popular in previous year’s releases. 25 veteran and retired stars have signed cards as well and Gold (#’d to 25), Rainbow (#’d to 15), and Five Star (1/1) parallels. 20 of the veterans have also provided Quotable (#’d to 10) inscriptions this year as well. Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco has signed fifty cards commemorating his performance in the game.

Up to 40 members of the rookie class will again be highlighted on autographed patch cards with Gold (#’d to 55), Rainbow jumbo patch (#’d to 25), and Five Star jumbo patch (1/1) parallels. 20 veteran and retired stars will also have autographed patch cards with similar parallels but with slightly different numbering: Gold (#’d to 40), Rainbow (#’d to 25), and Five Star (1/1).

Signature Book Cards feature on card autographs and three relics that will draw from 30 rookies and 30 veteran and retired players, with Gold (#’d to 15 rookies; #’d to 10 veteran/retired), Rainbow (#’d to 5), and Five Star (1/1) parallels that will all feature patches. In addition to the 3 piece book, the rookies will also be offered with a 4 piece book with identical parallels. If that were not all, Topps again turns to the rookies for Dual Autographed Patch Book Cards (#’d to 15) that Quad Auto 2013 Topps Football Five Starinclude an on card autograph of both players along with a patch relic with Rainbow (#’d to 5) and Five Star (1/1) parallels.

Thirty top rookies will have a book card that includes an on card autograph and laundry tag (#’d to 5) with a Five Star (1/1) parallel. Quadra-graph Book Cards (#’d to 10) will have ten different combinations of four on card autographs with a Five Star (1/1) parallel. Five Six Signature Book Cards (#’d to 5) and three Eight Signature Book Cards (#’d Eli Peyton Manning 2013 Topps Five Star dual autographto 5) will also be produced. 25 Dual NFL Shield (1/1) cards will be produced, each containing an on card autograph and NFL logo of two of the year’s top rookies. 26 dual rookie autograph cards (#’d to 20) with Rainbow (#’d to 5) and Five Star (1/1) will draw together two of the league’s best prospects. Superstar Combo Cards (#’d to 10) will feature two on card autographs of rookie, veteran, and retired players with a Five Star (1/1) parallel.

Fifty rookies, current stars, and legends will have jumbo relic cards with three patch parallels: Gold (#’d to 25), Rainbow (#’d to 5), and Five Star (1/1). 5o Letter Relic Cards (1/1) have always been popular with player collectors, and this year’s issue should prove no exception. 30 Dual Patch Cards (#’d to 15), 20 Triple Patch Cards (#’d to 10), 15 Quad Patch Cards (#’d to 10) are included and each will have a Five Star (1/1) parallel, while 10 Octo Patch Cards (#’d to 5) will round out the offering. Flacco will have his own series of relic cards featuring a relic of a Super Bowl used ball (#’d to 20) with Five Star (1/1) parallel, and fragments from the pylon including the NFL Shield (#’d to 2) and Super Bowl patch (#’d to 16) with Five Star (1/1) parallels. A Rookie Yearbook Card will also be produced with patches from each player on a giant-sized book card featuring the attendees of the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premier class.

See a full gallery of preview images directly below.  Click here to track 2012 Five Star listings on eBay.

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