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President’s Letters Highlight Lombardi Restaurant Memorabilia

Letters from Gerald Ford to Vince Lombardi’s widow immediately after the late President’s pardon of Richard Nixon are just part of a collection of Lombardi memorabilia that keeps patrons of a Wisconsin steakhouse staring at the walls.

He was getting heat from all sides. Gerald Ford, a former Michigan Wolverine football player, wanted to leave the "long national nightmare" behind. He was confident enough in his decision to reach out to another famous football family.

Ford’s 1974 correspondence with Marie Lombardi, widowed wife of the Hall of Fame coach, have gotten plenty of attention lately. The letters, along with other priceless Lombardi memorabilia, are housed inside Vince Lombardi’s steakhouse in Appleton, WI…just a long touchdown pass from Green Bay. Read the story in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Watch it on WFRV TV’s website.

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