Police: Man Stole Dead Friend’s Ty Cobb Card

It may not get any lower than this.

Glens Falls, New York Police say a convicted felon stole a vintage Ty Cobb baseball card from the belongings of a roommate who had recently died.

Jason R. Sweet, 38, is accused of taking the card, worth thousands of dollars and selling it.

According to the Post-Star, Sweet has been charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and making a false written statement.

While the Cobb card wasn’t identified by brand, it was from the 1910s, which would seem to indicate it may have been a T206.

Someone discovered it missing from the dead man’s possessions and police were called.  Sweet first told police he sold it online and could get it back.  Police say he then tried to give them a Cobb reproduction instead.

A check of area pawn shops followed and with help from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, the card was found at a shop in Queensbury, N.Y.

Sweet was in jail as of late last week.  Police say he was already on parole after serving part of a jail sentence for felony DUI.