Players, Teams Try to Help Charities

They’re asked to help charitible causes every day, but being a good citizen is important even to the pro sports franchises in the New York area, where autograph and memorabilia requests are handled carefully.

It’s a busy time of year for sports teams–especially those in the middle of a season or playoff hunt.

Fulfilling charity requests around Christmas time is a difficult job and the answer is not always ‘yes’. As the demand for sports memorabilia grows, groups looking to raise money cross their fingers and hope to add a special piece to their auction or get something to cheer up a special person.

According to the Journal-News, teams work with their players to keep things moving smoothly. "We have a team signing day once a year," said Jesse Linder, director of community relations for the New York Jets. "For the high-profile players, we’ll have them sign three or four times a year."

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