Players, Collectors Still Dig the Championship Ring

The history goes back decades, but there’s one undeniable fact.  The younger the ring, the bigger the bling.  Championship rings, especially Super Bowl rings, may have gotten Super Bowl XVI ring Ray Guy Raidersbigger, more expensive and, let’s face it…a little less tasteful.  You have the admire the craftsmanship and the intricate design, though, whether you’re just looking or adding a unique piece to your collection.

There’s a market for replica championship rings, too. Fans who can’t plunk down tens of thousands for the real deal, can get a pretty good copy with no diamonds for a couple hundred bucks.

Players’ passion for title rings and fans’ interest in them keep them part of the sports and sports collecting landscapes.

Most players treasure them.  Others would just as soon have the cash.  In some cases, they don’t have a choice.

The man with the most Super Bowl rings isn’t a player or coach.  His championship rings aren’t exactly front and center in his house, though.

USA Today offers a look at rings past and present and an interesting bit of knowledge about Whitey Ford’s favorite Yankees championship ring.