Photographer/Collector Excited to See His Images on Baseball Cards

Minnesota resident Brace Hemmelgarn has been a collector since he was a little kid.  He used to love looking at the photos that adorned the front of the baseball cards he bought via packs and at local card shops.

Now he’s taking some of them.

Bruce Hemmelgarn photoHis planned career took a detour and as his work as a sports photographer increased, Hemmelgarn’s images made their way to Topps.  Last week, he started ripping packs of the company’s 2013 baseball cards and after nearly a full box, there is was.  Number 107, Joe Mauer.  His photo.

“It’s definitely pretty surreal. I bought a handful (of Mauer cards) on eBay, but I wanted the feel of getting one in a pack,” he told local columnist Dave Deland.

Hemmelgarn says the experience is extra special because Mauer is a local guy and he’s been collecting Mauer cards since his minor league days.  He has hundreds.

The Mauer is just one of several Hemmelgarn shots you’ll find inside Topps’ Series One, though.

Read more in the St. Cloud Times.