Photo of the Day: Gehrig Stretches But…

Lou Gehrig stretches and it appears he makes the putout of Lloyd Waner on this play in the 1927 World Series, but that’s not the way the umpire saw it.

Lloyd Waner safe 1927 World SeriesOur Vintage Photo of the Day from RMY Auctions is this rare action shot of two Hall of Famers in a close play at first base 87 years ago this October.

Score one for the Pirates but baseball fans know, the ’27 Yankees were a juggernaut Associated Press photo 1927and would sweep Pittsburgh in the Series.

The photo was issued by the Associated Press on October 8 and was likely seen in newspapers across the country where photo editors who wrote the caption asked the fans to study it and make their own call.

The 6×8” image was originally in the archives of the Cleveland News.

It’s one of over 350 images now up for bid at including numerous original shots of Gehrig, Babe Ruth and other sports stars dating back decades.  The auction ends August 12.

We caught up with RMY’s Rhys Yeakley inside their booth at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland to talk about the market for vintage sports photos.