Photo of the Day: Cy Young, 1891

He lived until the mid-1950s, long enough to see bubble gum card packs, commercial air travel and night baseball.  In 1891, though, Cy Young was just a young pitcher looking to make his mark in the Cleveland Spiders rotation.

1891 Cy Young photoThe RMY Auctions Photo of the Day is the silver gelatin, mounted photo that is a copyright 1902 re-strike of the original image of the Hall of Fame pitcher.  From the archives of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the photo is mounted to thick paper with editorial markers and stampings from later years on the back.  It measures 4 ¾” by 7 ¾”.

While his talent was evident, nobody at the time could have guessed they were looking at the winningest pitcher in baseball history, a man who piled up 511 victories in a career that lasted from 1890 to 1911.

In 1891, when this photo was taken, Young won 27 games for Cleveland.  He followed that with 36 victories in 1892 and 34 in 1893.

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