Phoenix Cops Lose Jobs Over $15 in Vintage Cards

Did the Phoenix PD overreact to a couple of its officers taking some less than perfect baseball cards that had been abandoned by their owner?

Two Phoenix police officers found themselves in hot water several weeks ago when a colleague turned them in for taking property from a vacant house.

Marysol Larrison and Al Jackson were checking on the property when they discovered some baseball cards glued to the back of a door, apparently as a decoration. It’s not surprising the former owner left them there. The cards weren’t exactly candidates for grading according to a local shop owner who got a look at them.

The two officers decided that since the property was empty the cards were fair game. What they planned to do with them isn’t clear, but eBay was apparently a possibility.

After an investigation, including a trip to Dave’s Card Shop, Larrison was fired and Jackson–a 30-year veteran of the department made it to retirement just in time.

Watch the story by Cara Liu of KPHO-TV.

Not the smartest move by the officers, but was it too harsh of a punishment?