Phils’ Kendrick Loses World Series Ring, Gear to Thieves

Police in the state of Washington are searching for suspects who burglarized a home owned by Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick.

Kendrick’s 2008 World Series ring and other valuable items were taken late last week according to police in Mt. Vernon.

The pitcher grew up in the area.  He was at spring training with his family when the break-in occurred.

It’s not the first time a 2008 Phillies World Series ring has been stolen.  The team’s public relations director had his stolen at Citizens Bank Park by a janitor two years ago, but it was later found and returned.

Kendrick’s ring contains 103 diamonds and is likely worth five figures.  It was insured according to Mt. Vernon police who are hoping the publicity might lead them to those responsible.

The Seattle Times got the full report from investigators that has more details on what’s missing and about the burglary itself.