Phantastic Phillies Collection Gets TV Time

Team collectors can identify with Robert Bradley, even if ‘normal’ people can’t.  To call him a Phillies fan doesn’t do him justice.

Phillies jersey Steve CarltonBradley owns a huge collection of Phillies memorabilia.  It’s not the biggest ever assembled, but it’s big enough to take up a good sized room in his New Jersey house.

He owns a rack full of game-used jerseys.  Game bats.  Equipment.  Bobble heads.  Cleats. Cans with past legends on them.  Statues.  Tickets.  Programs. Seats from Veteran’s Stadium. You name it–if he wants it, he finds a way to buy it.

Remarkably, he hasn’t been doing this very long at all.

“It started out as a hobby, just getting little things here and there,” he says. “It’s become an addiction now.”

The collection recently caught the attention of Fox 29 in Philadelphia and Bradley gave reporter Colleen Wolfe a tour while Mrs. Bradley looked on.