Peyton Manning Talks Autographs

He’s got a multi-million dollar deal to sign for money, but Peyton Manning says he tries to accommodate as many requests in public as he can.

As the Colts prepared to meet the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XL during the 2006-07 season, quarterback Peyton Manning signed a big memorabilia deal that raised the price of his signature by a considerable amount.

Like most superstar athletes, he knows his autograph is a commodity, but Manning also realizes he needs to sign for fans and collectors or risk being considered a prima donna.

"I had a really good teacher in my dad (former Saints quarterback Archie Manning),” he said recently. "I can always remember being at restaurants with him, and he always took the time to sign. The only places I like to be left alone are at church or at the hospital, or doctor’s office. Everything else is fair game.”

Among other tidbits he shared on the autograph hobby, Manning also told Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz that he knows when kids are working for dealers.